To all who are spiritually weary and seek rest;
to all who mourn and long for comfort;
to all who struggle and desire victory;
to all who sin and need a Savior;
to all who are strangers and want fellowship;
to all who hunger and thirst after righteousness;
and to whoever will come  -

This church's doors are open wide
 and welcome is offered in the name
of the Lord Jesus Christ.

of  Aberdeen

You can become a member of First United Methodist Church in one of the following ways:

is the initial membership in the church when one confesses faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior;

is one's renewing of the initial confession of faith after a period of inactivity or not being on a church membership role;

may be from another United Methodist Church or a Christian church of another denomination. We recognize baptism from all other Christian churches.


The FUMC (Family) is committed to LEARN together to be disciples of Jesus, to DEVELOP a faith that works in real life, and to GO OUT in the world in the name of Jesus. Every member recommits annually to be actively involved in the life of the church by their:

for the church and its ministries;

at worship services, Bible study and ministry activities;

of financial support as a faith investment in God's work;

to His kingdom by volunteering to serve in one or more ministry areas.


Frequently Asked Questions About
United Methodist Beliefs  

What is required of me to be a United Methodist?

How is Baptism done in the United Methodist Church?

If I have already been baptized into another
denomination, must I be rebaptized?

What is the difference between Baptism
and Confirmation?

What is required of me to be a United Methodist?

Baptism ushers you into the Christian church universal, the family of Christ.  If you have not been baptized you will be asked to repent of your sins and profess your faith in God the Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the Christian faith as contained in the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments.  You will also be asked to promise to “keep God’s holy will and commandments and walk in the same all the days of your life as a faithful member of Christ’s holy church.”  Your pastor may require that you participate in a membership class before being baptized or taking church membership vows.

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How is baptism done in the United Methodist Church?

Sprinkling is most commonly used, but pouring and immersion are also permissible.  To sprinkle, the pastor’s hand is dipped into water and placed on the head of the person being baptized.  For immersion, the person being baptized is completely dipped beneath water.  The third option is simply to pour water from a pitcher onto the head.  United Methodists are more concerned with the symbolism and meaning of the event than the exact form that might have been used in early times.  If the mode of baptism were essential to our Christian belief and practice, it is believed that the New Testament would be clear-cut in saying so.

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IIf  I have already been baptized in another Christian denomination, must I be rebaptized to be a United Methodist?

No.  Your previous baptism will be accepted and you will only take vows of church membership.

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What is the difference between baptism and confirmation?

One can be baptized any time after birth.  Confirmation is the time when individuals confirm the vows that they took or that were taken by their parents at the time of baptism.  Confirmation marks the time when a person is actually received as a member of the United Methodist Church.  Generally, young people completing the sixth grade participate in a membership training class before they are confirmed.

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