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People frequently believe that a children’s choir’s primary function is to occasionally sing during worship.

Repairing the Church Fences

When repair or restoration work is being done, there is a significant risk of fire or accident, so church authorities should closely monitor all such activity for their own benefit.

The building contractors should be reminded of the importance of conducting a thorough inspection whenever work is interrupted for a meal or at the end of the day to ensure that there are no indications of a fire that may be starting due to blow lamps, covert smoking, or temporary unapproved electric circuits.

It can seem simplest to just replace a wood fence totally when it starts to appear worn. Instead of investing the time and money—and discarding perfectly good lumber—consider mending that old fence. It’s not as difficult as you may imagine. Here are three quick improvements you may do to your wooden fence.

Whether they are made of treated or untreated wood, placed directly in contact with the ground, or enclosed in a concrete base, fence posts inevitably become frail and decay. Almost only a matter of time remains. The strongest part of a fence post usually breaks, which causes the nearby fence sections to begin tilting.

To remove the old post—rotted end and all—from the ground and …

The History of The Holy Mass

Our Mass returns to the time when it initially emerged from the oldest liturgy in existence, with no significant changes. It still evokes memories of that liturgy, of the times when Caesar dominated the world and believed he could put an end to Christian religion, when our ancestors gathered early in the morning and sung a hymn to Christ as to a God. Our investigation has led us to the conclusion that, despite unresolved issues and later modifications, no other Christian ritual is as revered as ours.

The text, sequence, and arrangement of the Mass have been a sacred tradition that no one has dared to modify, except in minor matters, since around the time of St. Gregory.

Of course, the New Testament’s description of the Last Supper is the initial source for the history of the Mass. Christian liturgies exist because Our Lord commanded us to imitate what He did in His honor. No matter how the various Eucharistic liturgies differ, they all carry out His directive to do “this,” i.e., what He Himself had accomplished. Within a few decades of the death of Our Lord, a clear structure for the Eucharistic celebration had emerged. This pattern persisted far …

How To Fence Your Self From Evil Influences

What is a Fence?

A fence is a building used to enclose a space, usually outdoors. It is often made of posts joined by boards, wire, rails, or nets. In contrast to a wall, a fence lacks a firm basis over its whole length.

Why is Fence important?


The protection of people and animals is one of the most common justifications for fences. A fence can keep animals contained in your yard, keeping them from escaping, hurting themselves, or becoming lost if you have kids, pets, or even horses. In addition to your yard, you can be concerned about things like slopes, cliffs, lakes, or ponds. You can prevent someone in your yard from unintentionally falling into a body of water, falling down a cliff, or climbing a precarious bluff by building a fence.


A fence will also make it harder for outsiders to access your property. A fence is a terrific way to keep out trespassers, whether you’re worried about crooks entering your property, teens carelessly wandering through your garden, or deer ambling through and eating on your apple trees.

How to Fence your self from evil?

If you don’t know what the threat is, how can …

How To Teach Children’s Choir

People frequently believe that a children’s choir’s primary function is to occasionally sing during worship. The purpose of a children’s chorus is performance (or celebration), but the real heart of a children’s choir is in the weekly community-building and skill development that takes place.

To practice a song with a group of kids is a straightforward way to create a children’s choir. Practice it for four or five weeks straight (or more, if you have children who attend on alternate weeks). The group should learn the song by heart and then discuss its meaning while retelling the song’s tales. Then ask the kids to sing the song aloud to the congregation or to other kids.

I suggest that the kids in each chorus be around the same age for this straightforward plan. Older vocalists frequently dislike performing with younger singers. They want to be pushed; they don’t want to sing “children’s music.” Although it is feasible to combine older and younger vocalists for special events, I advise having the youth act as elder siblings or brothers for the smaller kids. Give them real duties rather than only paper positions.

A few willing parent volunteers and one or more experienced conductors …

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