from the desk of
Bishop James E. Swanson, Sr.
Bishop in Residence
Mississippi Episcopal Area

Greetings Mississippi Conference,

In our continued commitment to keeping you informed of ongoing happenings within the conference, I’m writing to give an update on Louisville First United Methodist Church (UMC).
After several legal motions and periods of negotiations, the court has established certain deadlines leading toward a final resolution of this matter concerning Louisville First UMC and Louisville Methodist Church. Presently, the two congregations will continue sharing the use of the church facilities, and the pastor of Louisville First UMC, Rev. Tom Potter, will continue occupying the parsonage. As this is a legal matter, I am limited in what information I can share at this time, but I intend to provide additional information as I can.
What I can share is that United Methodist ministry will continue in Louisville under the direction of the appointed pastor, Rev. Tom Potter, together with the committed members of Louisville First United Methodist Church. The church remains an active congregation involved in mission and ministry in Louisville and beyond. Your continued prayers for all those involved in this matter and your financial support are greatly appreciated.
Bishop James E. Swanson Sr.